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An Interview With Celebrity Healer Emma-Lucy

What’s up this week: Ronny and celebrity healer Emma-Lucy talk all things crystals and their benefits for love & weddings

I pick the brains of my darling friend and personal healer Emma-Lucy about how crystals have the power to keep you in tune with your partner and maintain a loving relationship throughout your journey towards marriage. Her wisdom will also help to keep you focused and fabulously fit when planning the wedding of your dreams… I mean, who doesn’t want that?


Let’s be honest – planning a wedding can be fun but more often than not, hugely daunting and incredibly stressful. I hear this all the time when working with my clients. Keeping this in mind I’ve decided to conduct a chilled out interview over breakfast in Chelsea with my dear friend Emma-Lucy. Ems is a magical soul, devoting her life to her work as a clairvoyant and healer. She has just released her new fabulous hardcover book ‘The Power of Crystal Healing’ which is #lifechanging to say the least…

My intention for sharing this one to one chat with you all is mainly down to my strong belief that knowledge is power, and crystals have the power to heal, enhance and transform our lives. Crystals help guide us through the challenges we face by embracing their radiant positive energies. Wedding planning is undeniably a major time in one’s life that comes with both joys and challenges which can affect you on a spiritual level. I hope this interview helps to alleviate some of that stress by offering tools to help embrace the planning process by enjoying it with your partner and family thoroughly and wholeheartedly.

As a couple, planning a wedding can make you feel overwhelmed, out of sync, pressured or in need of guidance. Being the biggest party you will probably ever experience planning together, it comes with no surprise that it’ll provoke a cocktail of intense emotion. Speaking from first hand experience, I certainly felt all of the above and wish that Emma-Lucy and her crystal healing had been in my life to help ease the pressure of it all…

Now, on with the show!

RC: First and foremost, can you recommend crystals to help keep couples in tune with one another and to ensure that their love remains strong throughout not only the stressful wedding planning process but also in preparation towards a happy marriage?

EL: This deals with the law of attraction – we attract what we think, feel, worry and stress about, which slows down good vibes with unwanted manifestations. Getting married is a HUGE deal so I’m not saying we can zap all the fear and worry away but we can tone it down and raise the magic which comes from such a beautiful commitment. I recommend the following;

ROSE QUARTZ the stone of love! We cannot start our exploration of love without holding hands with the queen of hearts, Rose Quartz. This stone will act as your ever-faithful and ever-loyal guide. It will help steer you through the exploration of the purest of energies deep within your heart, whilst softening negative habits and patterns that hold you back from your full potential.

RAINFOREST JASPER for achieving success during a mighty task. Rainforest Jasper opens doors and gives you the confidence to explore what’s behind them. Call on this game changing stone to restore inner peace, happiness and to help with a healthy cash flow. This stone will help you feel invigorated and charged up, ready to get stuck in and aligned with any task at hand.

EMERALD for strengthening your foundations and relationships. Emerald is a teacher. A gateway to bliss even during life’s stormier moments. Promoting unity and stability in your relationship with both yourself and your partner. Emerald will work with you tirelessly, to secure you at your roots so that you are strong enough for unified, stable and unconditional love.

CHRYSOCOLLA for optimum motivation by enhancing personal power. Chrysocolla breathes fresh air into tiresome tasks. A perfect stone for when you get really bogged down in the detail and are losing that fun feeling.

RC: All couples about to get married are embarking on a new journey together and lets be honest, this can be a scary concept for even the strongest couples. Which crystals can you recommend to zap those feelings of uncertainty to offer that ‘power couple’ strength?

EL: There are a couple of stones that will help you here, but the important ones are Moonstone and Onyx. Moonstone will help when exploring the unknown as a couple and will help ensure you’re on the same page. It allows your own visions or ideas of the future to quite literally marry together. Onyx is also an important stone to give you confidence, knowing that you’ve made the right decision and are ready to take on life together.

MOONSTONE To protect you when exploring the unknown and to keep a healthy balance in relationships. This stone draws in those who seek to support you. Her love strengthens and guides you in new ventures.

ONYX Transmutes the negative into positive for a mental spring clean so you can focus on your true feelings. Onyx is a sensational detoxing crystal and seeks to dispel negative energy rather than soak it up.

RC: Becoming the best version of yourself physically seems to be at top of the agenda for many couples during their pre-wedding prep. Is there a crystal specific to motivation and good health in general?

EL: Great question! Yes there are specific stones for this, I would say Blue Apatite because its about getting results whilst motivating yourself without adding too much pressure on yourself. Garnet is a great one for purifying, cleansing and detoxing the body by keeping healthy at a time when you’re under stress.

BLUE APATITE for results and to kick cravings! If you’re seeking goal-orientated assistance in your pre-wedding regime Blue Apatite is your go-to crystal. It promotes a speedy metabolic rate and breakdown of proteins and will help motivate you on those mornings when the duvet seems more appealing than a morning run!

GARNET for recovery and re-energising. Works wonders during the recovery process to stimulate your regeneration on a physical and metaphysical level. Garnet supports you in the resting process, purifying your energy and drawing in new energy when your resources are depleted.

RC: Weddings celebrate the love and happiness of a couple, and the day is as much a celebration of the bride and groom’s happiness as the guests enjoying the day. To ensure everyone has a wonderful magical time, are there any crystals one can place in the church, wedding breakfast or evening reception to embrace the harmonious joy?

EL: A wedding is such an exciting time so you need a stone to ground and give the day a good vibe. Hematite would be great to build a good foundation for the day. Clear Quartz is also brilliant for bringing energy into the room. Quartz brings clarity and focus because you’ve called on your guests to celebrate your love and you will want them there with the clearest of intentions. Here are a few options to explore as you may have a specific colour or theme for your wedding day, so decide on a stone as you would flowers.

HEMATITE for grounding and focus
ROSE QUARTZ AND KUNZITE for unconditional love
GARNET for commitment
CARNELIAN for happiness
CLEAR QUARTZ for bringing energy to the party!

RC: Can you recommend any crystals for the bride and groom to hold or keep on them whilst walking down the aisle?

EL: Do you remember those friendship necklaces that came in two halves? A crystal that comes in two parts so that the bride and groom have one piece each would be lovely. I can suggest Rose Quartz or a Twin Quartz, which are crystals split into two to represent unison when they come back together.

RC: Diamonds are a girls best friend? What is the symbolism behind a diamond ring? Why has it become all the rage?

EL: Diamonds embody power and wealth – it’s like owning a piece of magic on your finger and it also represents the magic you share together as a couple. We can get lost in what they look like but the most important thing about a diamond ring is that it holds a huge amount of energy. You are taking on that ring with love – you are holding that vibrational power on your finger. Totally Major!

Your wedding finger is on the same side of your body as your heart line, connecting to ultimate love. If you fall out with your partner remember to keep your diamond clean. Trust me – you will know when it’s time for a cleanse!

DIAMOND for holding onto a good vibe. Her precious cut purifies and cleanses your energy. Use it when you’re feeling strong, relaxed, excited or positive to make that feeling last. Diamond is a true best friend for more than just her sparkle.

To discover more about the wonderful world of Crystals and Emma-Lucy you can purchase her book here and by visiting her website here.

Ronny Colbie
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