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Our bunches will change with the seasons and evolve as we grow. That’s why I wanted to take a moment to introduce you to each of our current crew, sharing the inspiration behind the composition and choice of bloom as and when they are created, starting with the Place Vendôme bunch.



During my early twenties I lived in Paris for two fantastic years. Based in the 14th Arrondissement, I saw the beautiful side of Paris in all its glory. I was lucky enough to attend some incredible parties and events as well as meeting some wonderful people. Being young and eager to take in everything this iconic city had to offer, I explored every corner, or sweet cobbled street I came across. One of the first places I ‘explored’ whilst in Paris was Place Vendôme. I was immediately in awe of its history, the fancy architecture and the shopping. It was pure Paris chic that almost took you back in time. I would sit with a coffee watching as the city woke up and take in the wonderful buzz of the Parisian mornings.



HYDRANGEA because of it’s full posey look and feel. It’s a show-stopping bloom that is both luxurious and playful at the same time. It’s grandeur makes me think Louis XVI would approve.

LILAC because of their delicate, sweet scent that fills the air, much like the perfumed shops and sweet smelling bakeries surrounding Place Vendôme. The lilac colour of these blooms mimics the sky at dusk in Paris.

ROSES because what is Paris without Roses? The single roses a lover buys for their sweetheart on the streets of Paris to the half wilting bunches on the chic marble coffee tables in Parisian fashion houses.



To shop/window shop: Boucheron on the Place Vendôme for window shopping their incredible jewels. Le Marais for the best boutiques and hidden gems.

To eat pastries: Stohrer, the bakery founded by King Louis XV’s pastry chef, for the best flaky almond croissant.

To dress up & drink cocktails: The Little Red Door for cosy cocktails and Hotel Coste for dressy dinners and show off creations.

For dinner: Derrière for trendy late dinners and drinks, and Balagan for super cool crowd, beautiful interiors and incredible food.

To wonder: The Tuileries Garden, just so gorgeous and so Parisian.

To explore: The Louis Vuitton Foundation, just off Avenue du Mahatma Gandhi. Just wow.

Ronny Colbie
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