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Happy Monday! I hope the weekend was a wonderful one. As the festive season fast approaches, I wanted to tell you a little more about some of my other more festive style bunches, before wreaths and Christmas cheer takes over! Each one of my bunches has been inspired by a memory or a trip to somewhere beautiful that resonated in my mind. In this post, I’ll touch on the unique inspiration behind each bunch so that hopefully you can also relate and find your perfect flower bunch.


Both of these bunches offer a classic red rose arranged in a modern, classy way.  Carnegie Hill is one of the most luxe neighbourhoods in New York. When I was in New York I would grab coffee and walk around Carnegie Hill taking in the ‘behind the scenes’ of the old school New Yorkers who lived there, as well as the beautiful, gothic style homes the inhabited. Through the windows I would see neat, fresh floral bouquets on every mantle piece, coffee table and window sill. It was a right of passage to have flowers delivered each week. My take on Carnegie Hill takes the Fuddy Duddy out of the old school to give a chic, vibrant look ideal for the home or sending to loved ones.

The Moscow bunch is decadent, rich and romantic. From Russia with love so they say! In Russia the colour red is a symbol of something beautiful, good and honourable. This bunch is full bodied and lovely, mixing classic red roses with seasonal foliage and complimentary blooms.


Change the water every couple of days: This will lengthen the life of your flowers immeasurably! It’s the first step to caring for your blooms.

Flowers like vodka: The flower food in that comes with your supermarket bunches is actually nothing special. Trust me it’s likely a mix of bleach and disinfectant to keep the water fresher for longer and kill the germs that might harm your blooms. A drop of vodka or bleach with a teaspoon of sugar does the trick just as well.

Cut your stems: Always! Take at least one inch of the stems when you put them in water and make sure to cut them at an angle. This is so the flowers can still drink the water even if the stem is flat on the bottom of the vase.

Don’t let your flowers catch a cold: Keep your blooms out of draughts, it causes them to wilt and gives them a shorter vase life. This is because the draft in the air causes the flowers moisture to evaporate quicker than they can drink it up. Just like us, blooms don’t like a cold too much!

Why not dry your flowers before they die?

This is a good one for the Moscow and Carnegie Hill bunches as roses look great dried too for a shabby chic look or quick fix if, for example, you want to add some blooms to a guest room you don’t use that often. Before the roses lose all their petals, take them out of the water and remove any lose leaves or petals about to drop. Tie string around the stem of the rose and hang it upside down in a dry place, such as an airing cupboard or near a radiator. Leave them for a week or so and voilà!


Ronny Colbie
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