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For many of us who share a love for fragrance, whether you work in the industry or are simply a lover of scent, we become transfixed by perfume not only for its smell but also by the positive association we subconsciously feel when smelling them. Each person’s nose contains their own fragrance diary, one that is constantly being written using our brain to log each entry. Every day we absorb and associate hundreds of fragrances to our memories without consciously knowing and certain scents will remind us of the most beautiful, nostalgic memories in our lives…


Cotswold Garden Candle


What inspired my signature collection of home fragrances are the destinations which hold my most significant memories throughout my life. Each candle in my collection has been meticulously created to transport myself around the world to places where I’ve lived or travelled and when burnt make me feel most at home. My garden in the Cotswolds is one of those special havens.

When my partner and I have the opportunity to escape our intense work lives in the big smoke there is nothing we enjoy more than weekends tucked away at our 17th century cottage in Northern Oxfordshire. Away from the glam of the city, most weekends you’ll find me in a pair of wellies knee deep in soil surrounded by the most glorious scents.

Cotswold Cottage

Being a florist myself for several years now I have the luxury working with flowers every day. I have trained my nose to differentiate the fragrances of several flower varieties. Trust me – I can smell Tuberose, Lilac or Freesia from a mile away! Saying that, it was very important for me when creating the ‘Cotswold Garden’ fragrance to use exact notes from flowers which grow within my own garden. I was determined that no matter where I was – stuck in the city, away on a winter escape – I could always be transported back to spring time in my garden.

Cotswold Garden

Spring in the Cotswolds is the most spectacular time of year. Seeing the final few weeks of winter suddenly dissipate before that spring sun comes out, bringing with it an explosion of stunning blossoms from my magnolia and apple tree. A few weeks later my garden is filled with the most fragrant, blousy peonies and wild freesias. With moisture still in the air my garden carries with it an earthy hint making the overall aroma sweet yet fresh.

Old Wheel

Capturing the fragrances of flowers from my garden and blending them into the most perfect fragrance formulation came with great pleasure. Forever I can light a ‘Cotswold Garden’ candle and be reminded of my haven. A love for gardening is something many of us share and people travel to the UK from all over the world to visit some of our most precious gardens. Through the creation of my fragrance and candle, I feel so grateful to be able to share my patch of the quaint English countryside with everyone.

My quaint English countryside

‘Beauty surrounds us but usually we need to be walking in a garden to know it.’
– Rumi

Cotswold Garden – 38cl | 60 hours burn time – £55.00


Photography – Lucy Davenport

Ronny Colbie
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