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Luxury Candles

Ronny Colbie luxury scented candles have been inspired and created using the connection between flowers and perfume, each with a powerful background story and evoking memories through the power of scent.

Our Luxury Scented Candles

Cotswolds Garden Candle

Cotswolds Garden


A fragrance inspired by the cherished scent of Spring in the English countryside.
Je ne sais quois Candle

Je ne sais quoi


A heady scent which captures the magic and intrigue of Paris.
Lake Muskoka Candle

Lake Muskoka


This woody fragrance is laced with the aroma of long carefree Summers spent on Lake Muskoka.
Mud Season Candle

Mud Season


This chypre-woody blend carries fresh winter florals, further sweetened with woodland cassis.

Our Fine Fragrances

Coming soon
About Ronny Colbie


Our bespoke fragrance service allows you to work closely with Ronny Colbie to create a truly unique signature scent that can be used in either your own candle or fine fragrance. It is the creation of something completely personalised which is tailored to your every desire

“To me fragrance is the most personal thing one can wear. It helps paint a story in our minds and exploits our feelings and emotions so successfully.”

Ronny x

About our bespoke scents

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